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Welcome to Atopée’s world

2023, a new me, I start the presentations again.

After a healing journey of many years, I have finally reconnected with my soul, I am Atopia, the Siren.

My very first incarnation took place on Cliva, a planet of Mermaids and Tritons, in the FATA Universe, a neighboring universe of the Milky Way. This is my home base, my paradise, my starting point. Some souls live several incarnations on their planet of origin, others not. This first incarnation marks your soul forever, it is inscribed in the depth of your personality.

During the various incarnations, you have different names. A name is a vibration. The name you bear therefore contains the vibration of the challenge that your soul has to face in this life.

My birth name, which I refer to as my civil name, is Mylene. Mylene carries the vibration of separation and conflict with the masculine. My soul has come to reconcile with the Masculine. So the first step of this reconciliation was the inner reconciliation and finding the balance between the two feminine and masculine energies. The second step was the outer reconciliation. This name has never resonated in me and it is normal since it is not my essence, only my code name for the mission.

Why I went through the TALASI stage

I made a mistake …

Like all of you I learn, I relearn and I act according to the information, the knowledge of the moment.

As an initiate, it is customary at a certain stage, at the end of the journey, when one is ready to return to the world, to change one’s name. This name is often given by the Master in other cultures and countries, but in this case I chose it because my Master himself could not finish his initiation. It is important to know that the initiate learns all his life. We evolve by stages.

Thus, Talasi, it is I who chose him according to my feeling of the moment. TALASI carries within him the vibration of healing for others, but at my level, I learned a few months ago that this vibration created a dissociation with my soul.

What to do then? Ignore or acknowledge my mistake?

I chose to acknowledge my mistake in all transparency. On my journey Isis, the goddess with 10,000 names, announced a name change. Synchronicities follow one another and lead me to my sister Nadia, a cosmic traveler who has the ability to go back to our origins. So naturally, I chose to seize the opportunity that was offered to me and that’s how I understood that certain whims going back a year were only manifestations of my deepest self. My true self is finally expressing itself and I am more than ever aligned with my life path.

If you too want to move forward on the path of your soul, I can accompany you.

With all my Love and Light,

With Light and Love