How to cope with the emotional storm that follows the loss of a loved one.

The idea for this post came to me when I was sitting in a church pew listening to the priest ranting during his homily. Yes, ranting, because how can you come to a funeral to rant about « the Daddy’s spermatozoa that hit the Madam’s oocytes »… So desperate for ratings, people, that you don’t know what to invent to get attention!

I will not go further in the analysis of this homily, because I am a woman who tries to be coherent between her speech and her actions, and in a place where they talk to you about believing in miracles and having faith, the faith is manifested by a person per bench! I leave this here for those who want to think honestly without unnecessary polemics…

Let’s go back to my original topic

A week ago, as my best friend was just leaving the hospital with an emergency operation! I was overwhelmed by the pain, suddenly learning in the middle of the night the death of more than a friend, a brother, a big brother! A real blow.

Although I know that the soul is eternal, that death is just a passage between two worlds, so it is always present but in another form, it is still difficult.

I cried a lot, but I also knew that I should not stay too long in this state which not only lowers my vibratory rate but also harms it.

Did you know that? The soul of the deceased does not remain on Earth, it travels elsewhere after a certain time. And it is important to know that when we remain inconsolable for months or even years, we prevent the soul of the deceased from continuing its journey, we hold it prisoner by our tears, and we block its evolution.

So how did I, a female doctor, manage this pain?

This sadness which, if it takes hold, makes us sick. I know something about it because a few years ago, less wise, less awake… in the grip of an immense sorrow, I had a TIA. Today, when faced with the pitfalls of life, my response is different. That is why I am sharing my experience with you.

What are the secrets of resilience, what methods I have put in place.

1- Conscious breathing is one of the essentials.

2- Cultivating the connection with the 5 elements: Connecting to each of these elements that make up us is part of the ancient shamanic healing methods.

Earth: When you are well anchored, you remain equal in any situation, even extreme.

Water: when you are drowning in your emotions, you must open your heart and let it flow.

Air: air chases away worries, lightens.

Fire: fire warms the heart and gives you vitality.

Space: space is immense, it allows to welcome everything.

Meditating with each of these elements of Nature in powerful places allows you to quickly return to balance.

3 – Plants for the pain of the soul.

Plants have what is called multiple levels, that is to say that they act on the body, the mind and the spirit. In herbal tea or in baths, plants have the property to soothe anger, dilute pain, bring back joy, leave the negative of the past…

These 3 methods combined with a cure of music (not just any music of course) and songs allowed me to get back on track in 9 days. I am not saying that the duration will be the same for everyone, everyone is different but it is sure that it will help you a lot.

May your every step be guided by Love and Light.

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