All you Need is Silence

Parenthèse Enchantée



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All you Need is Silence




A few days in the company of silence for…
Reconnecting with Nature

Reconnecting with nature leads to reconnecting with yourself. Allow yourself a serene interlude during 3 days and 3 nights in the middle of nature in our healing house.

To enter into silence and stop the world in order to listen to the ever present messages of our deepest nature, our soul, our heart, the Source…

Entering into silence to hear her inner voice and access her own truth, the voice of her Womb, of our Mother Earth.

It is best to do this during the time of the moons when all our energies are turned inwards. Since ancient times, this three-night, three-day retreat was always done alone.

I take care of everything, during this time of purification, it is advisable not to miss anything and to choose a light food, favouring fruits, vegetables and spring water. As water is essential to maintain the flow of the moons and hydrate the uterus, it is preferable that the body does not use too much energy for digestion.

You can also choose another period. During this retreat, it is important not to have any occupation that could distract you from this state of receptivity – no reading, no music with words (background music promotes calm), no external solicitations. On the other hand, dance, sing, give thanks, create through crafts, painting, writing, mandalas, anything that can help you express yourself. Punctuate with times of meditation and contemplation. If we take the time to regularly reconnect to ourselves, to our sacred feminine, we will gain in receptivity.

During this retreat I will accompany you physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

On the programme: massage, cristal healing, food and vibrational herbal teas

Price of the complete stay all-inclusive: Single person : 690.00 euros
Additional night with breakfast: 150 euros

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Parenthèse Enchantée


A romantic break, a weekend to recharge your batteries as a couple, a birthday party for two…

Treat yourself to a one-night or two-day getaway: breakfast served in your room*, dinner (starter, main course, dessert, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages) in an exceptional setting where you are the only visitors to the premises because the room is unique.

*If the weather is bad, meals are also served in the kitchen.

Price for the whole stay: 195.00 euros per person for a weekend.
Additional night with breakfast included: 150 euros for 2

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Solo Break

A solo moment of zen. Silence, at last! A relaxing massage with essential oils, a soothing herbal tea…

Let’s go for a 2-day retreat, wellness, one night. Your stay begins with a natural scrub, Earth connection. Your body is then immersed in a deep relaxation thanks to an ayurvedic chukuli massage, a rhythmic combination of effleurage, kneading, friction and vibrations. A coconut oil energised with organic crystals and essential oils regenerates and soothes your body and mind. Find the softness of a homemade velvet and head for Hadali Kunda: your room in the middle of nature. Lying down in your cosy bed, soft music envelops you and leads you into the arms of Morpheus. Early in the morning, an old-fashioned shower with herbal leaves will leave your skin soft and delicately scented. A Self-Love breakfast. The rest of the day is up to you: walk in the woods, laze in a hammock, contemplate nature, let your body be nourished by the soothing vibrations of the place… It’s up to you. To end this stay gently, we offer you a 15-minute snack before you leave.

Price for the whole stay: 290 euros per person
Additional night: 135 euros

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The Revitalisation stay is a 10-day holistic support and revitalisation programme that takes place in harmony with the Moon.

The particularity of this programme is that it is holistic, i.e. it aims to welcome the person in his or her entirety, considering the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional aspects at the same time. This programme is available from November to July. It is carried out in several stages:

Step 1: Energy cleansing

Step 2: Detox Nature’s Splendour

Step 3: Reboost Revitalisation.

The 3 steps of the process are accompanied by a digital detox.

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