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In your yoni is written the history of the world …

For some time now, at regular intervals, my guides have put me on pause. Suddenly all my reservations vanish, my schedule empties, it is then the signal that I must settle down and listen to the messages of my mission. Without worry, I know that they will make sure that I do not miss anything, so I close the doors and dive into my inner world.

So at the beginning of this year, I channeled a new feminine healing, a liberating ritual of the yoni memories under the protection of the goddess Oshun.

We store all this in our memories. When we are conditioned like this we cannot access the deepest part of ourselves, access to our soul, our divine essence, our feminine powers which literally suffocate. These memories clutter us and are stored in our cells; the cells of our body and those of our yoni. Thus your yoni, this sacred space has lost its power crushed by all its memories, in addition to its own.

Rediscover your sacred feminine,

is first of all to free oneself from the burden of one’s memories.

The memories of the Yoni! Did you know that?

Many of us are unaware of the spiritual implications of intimate relationships, whether they involve penetration or not.

Woman, when you make love to a man, it is not only the exchange of two bodies, there is also what we call the exchange of fluids.

In our body to body, all our energies and all our memories are intertwined.

Yes, you read that right!

Physical genetic memories

Even scientific studies attest it, we keep in memory the DNA of all the partners we have known. Yes, we are building a gene bank to ensure the survival of the species.

Transgenerational and energetic memories.

Again, I know you’ll open your eyes and say, “No, that’s not possible,” or you’ll look at me sideways. I’m just passing on to you what I’ve learned.

Who says body to body says contact between two epidermis. The skin is the most extensive organ of the human body, it is the largest surface of reception and memorization of the emotions that we live. All the events you experience are written in your skin! It is also the organ through which we receive and give energy. Thus you exchange with your partner, your transgenerational memories, your own memories, those of your present life and vice versa. And so you also keep the memory of all the other women that your partner has known! What a horror you say? This is how nature is constituted my dear, there is no need to get offended. On the other hand, good news, you don’t have to keep everyone in stock, their memories can be cleaned.

In ancient times, women used to perform rituals to eliminate these negative memories. In our ultra-modern societies, these rituals have disappeared, passing for superstitions or worse, witchcraft, and today our matrices can’t take it anymore and cases of fibroids, cysts, endometriosis and other Matrix problems are multiplying.

So now you know why I suggest the Oshun Black Moon Ritual.

What does the ritual consist of?

This ritual is carried out in particular with plants. You have all the details in the heading care.

Why I only start on March 13

Simply because I have to prepare myself during 21 days before, 21 days of offerings and prayers, of meditation to the goddess.

Now you know everything.

Ready to free yourself from all those memories that clutter you up?

With all my love, Mylène

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