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Part 2

At the beginning of the year, I channeled a lot of information, I let go of many things in my life and I started listening to the Voice. Who speaks to me at what time, I do not seek to know, it does not matter, I just integrated that if I did not always understand the ins and outs that even if I did not see the end of the road, I had to walk serenely, because those who accompany me love me and see further than me. they are there to help me in my mission of soul.

I started with food because it is the keystone of any development whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.

Indeed, a body full of toxins, gives a sick body but also a sick mind. And this factor alone blocks any spiritual evolution so at no time, it is possible to be fully Self. Society and our education have taught us to dissociate the 3 parts of ourselves Body-Mind-Soul, by remaining in this paradigm, we remain stuck in the basement and the elevator never works as it should.

So I’ll talk about food again for sure, it’s a fundamental subject, give me time to reorganize.

I am preparing a program called Live Learn Evolve because we are here to live not to survive and we need to learn continuously to regain our power over our lives, our bodies, our minds.

I am a bee who has gathered many flowers of knowledge to offer you a honey of knowledge that will feed you. If the voice I carry speaks to you, don’t hesitate to register on the mailing list,

in this blog you will have the appointments, the videos, the links for the virtual conferences via zoom or real that I will give so that we take in hand our destiny and build tomorrow.

See you soon

Love and Peace

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