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Slavery Commemoration


From victimization to responsibility


It all starts that morning, with a card of my oracle. The message was :

« I am a responsible Being .Everything that happens in my life has been agreed and chosen by my soul » I am shivering…

I go to the garden, where I create a new space between stones and earth.

These connected moments to the Earth are times of relaxing, or even deep meditation.

It’s during these moments, that messages arrive.

Tomorrow is May 27 for us, the day of the commemoration of Abolition Slavery… a dark episode in our history … but so glorious… you can’t believe how much !

I remember a few years ago, when I reunited with the Mother Continent, I was very fortunate to have a great Mali initiated as my mentor and I often asked him the question : “How was this possible ? « With all the skills we had – mediumnity, geomancy, clairaudience, psychic, oracle… – that allowed us to figure out the future ?

How come our ancestors dit not see it coming ?

I came to the conclusion that it was intentional !

The Divine Plan

I can already hear yellings….

What if we changed perspectives, viewpoints, and we rise to the heights.

To understand this, we must remember that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, and that EVERITHING IS CYCLICAL. Our Earth, apart from its annual rotation, performs several rotations simultaneously, among others, a rotation known as precession of the equinoxes. This rotation takes 26,000 years to complete.

According to the ancients, our levels of consciousness, our degree of understanding of the realities, the information received, our perceptions vary according to this cosmic cycle or great season. In fact, we are going through phases of sleep, inhibition or even regression and phases of awakening, stimulation or mutation. So our connection to the flow of cosmic informations agree with the rate of the seasons.

Sometimes the flow is intense and generous, sometimes it’s reduced to a trickle of water. During these periods of dryness connection, we are in survival mode, where only a few of us are able to stay connected. These are the guards.

Today, many of us are aware that we are in the time of Great Awakening and also that we are entering in another step of the history of the Planet and the Humanity.

After two known “reset”, the loss of Atlantis, Lemuria (there were others), it appeared that Humanity had difficulty learning certain lessons, then starting over from Zero was sterile, as we made the same mistakes.

There comes the Great Divine Plan to lead Humanity to change consciousness levels. Moving from 3D to 5D, is above all a change of consciousness, the germination of a new Humanity.

Slavery and the slave trade that we experienced in terms of a victim and an executioner viewpoint, are in fact a preparation from the divine point of view. Living these centuries of suffering, was a choice of our souls.

Why ? Let’s return to the mechanics of the soul wound..

A soul is not an immutable and invulnerable entity.

Our spiritual body can be just as wounded as our physical body. Thus, as the wounds, more or less important, the soul is defragmented. During this defragmentation, we lose vital energy.

As long as we live in ignorance of this process, we don’t understand the impact that it can have on our own lives and on the world afterwards. This « lost » energy remains in suspension and is recoverable. We have access to a bank of “energy bars” waiting to be recovered. To find his treasures, we must accept to look at the reality with another level of understanding, we must understand that all the wounds caused either by others or even us make us twice stronger when we overcome them in the physical and emotional sphere and ten times stronger when we heal them, in the spiritual sphere!

It’s time to see each other with the eyes from the soul, beyond space and time.We accepted this contract with the Universe, God, the Source no matter how you call it ; we were the only ones truly capable of meeting this challenge.

Melanin the chemical Key of Black Greatness* Carol Barnes (Melanin, the Key to Black Splendour)

In fact, the more traumas you have, the more powerful your potential energy is, the greater you lift your capacity !

Why we should reform our vision of commemoration ?

The present mode of commemoration is from the colon, the Matrix.

This way of doing, keeps our energies upside down, blocks them and sinks us. Therefore, we change the world. In this evolution process, we need all our creative potential and so our entire energy potential.EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, it’s the basis. Everything is created first in energy, the subtle planes and then materializes in the physical plane.The physical plan is the last plan of action, the last that manifests itself and it’s above all the reflection of inside.

So let me be clear. You might have understood, kind reader, Afro-descendants sister or brother, you are the richest human being of this time. Caribbean, your energy is immeasurable !

During the trade, we were physically imprisoned. So we were able to develop more than any other people, a particular ability to live, to access our inner world.Our bodies were imprisoned but it’s specifically at that time, this great drive of our spirits began. Our spirits remained free. All this stirring, this sudden and rapid displacement of populations rised at the end of this 5th great cycle of Humanity, to a MEETING. In recent millennia, all knowledge has been scattered around the globe, so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. All this wealth, this knowledge is inscribed in our genes, in our cells. It was necessary to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. Behind this enterprise of destruction, there was in this other extreme, a reconstruction. The Caribbean, more particularly, this 6th continent, this crossroads is the space for the rehabilitation of the human genome. In this world of matter, disconnected from our bodies, we have activated the genome to connect to our inner world ; this inner world is the only one providing access, able to create bridges between the visible or invisible worlds.The keys are in us, the other peoples have not been able to develop that capacity in such a mature way.

In phase 2, post-abolition, our bodies have lost their shackles, but it’s the energies, the spirits that are chained. We’ve gone from physical slavery, forcing bodies to Mental slavery, training the mind. A new form that develops in the Matrix surreptitiously, the chains are also chemical, nano-technological, cultural, religious…

Sit down and feel. Look beyond the eyes, the best, the most vibrant tribute we can give to our ancestors is not to lie down in commiserations but to go and get his energy loads that they have bequeathed to us, our lineages to find our whole, our “To be” deep, our internal and external sovereignty.

On the other hand, to climb the steps of the New World, we need energy to ascend. In order to complete its energy mutation, the Earth needs a starter.

All these released pains, in a short space of time, have the power of raising our vibratory field. The more you unload a hot air balloon, the higher it goes !

It goes hand in hand with our personal elevation and collective.

Our missions in this history are multiple.

We are warriors of light, who have accepted this ultimate sacrifice for the upliftment and redemption of all humanity.

We must disengage ourselves from the system, to regain our inner power, we must do this work of welcoming and opening to our past, we must get rid of the limiting beliefs transmitted by this same system, to release our creative energy potential.

AND now I turn to you, my Guadeloupeans brothers and sisters.

Our souls have chosen.

Our ancestors left us a precious legacy. Our primary mission is to free ourselves, and then to show the way.

Guadeloupe, our Mother Earth, is not a simple butterfly destined to delight and satisfy the eyes of tourists in need of exoticism

Our archipelago, formerly Atlantid territory, is a powerful energetic vortex where Earth and Heaven are harmonized, the masculine principle and the feminine principle, a place of balance that is articulated like a solar system with Marie-Galante our sun. We are placed on the Earth’s energy grid on the Transformation Meridian.

Caterpillar – Cocoon – Butterfly – Healing

We have a duty to play our role, our rank. We must put ourselves at work urgently, massively, we must transmute all these energies blocked in pain, on the way of light.

We owe it to ourselves to immerse in our lineages, our inner worlds, in our physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies and to make the geysers of the energies that sleeps.

We must send the message to the world through this meridian.

We must remember, and become what we have been preparing for centuries.

We must honor our contract, fulfill our divine mission. Our bodies unified the secrets.

Let us free our memories to access our new reality.

Let us unlock the floodgates of a world of Abundance and Peace.

Whatever path you choose, it will be good for you, personal development will follow spiritual development, both are necessary, you need both legs to win the final of this race with magnificence.



All my gratitude to Cylla who translated this text into English. It should be noted that English is his mother tongue. She gives me the text, telling me : « I translated it with pleasure and pride.
Thank you for your confidence. Thank you for this magical care for me and all my maternal and paternal lines »