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Who loves me follows me!

You must have noticed dear readers that my publications on the networks have become scarce.

There is a simple reason for this. Since November, I have taken a deep dive into my inner world.

Indeed, if I accompany many women and even men in their journey of inner and outer healing, I too have been hurt and bruised many times in my life. For a few years now, I have been working intensively on my inner healing. I have had a life rich in experiences of all kinds, I have understood the reasons for this atypical and busy path and once the process is integrated, it is necessary to heal the wounds and scars. As a good warrior, I was full of them!

I armored my sacred feminine very early in my lifeFrom the age of 4/5 years old, and with each injury, I developed additional armor upon armor, constantly distancing myself from what I really am. Thus I locked up my body, my spirit, I poisoned my sacred matrix with beliefs, thoughts, drugs, an inadequate education without counting the external aggressions of which it was the object… I was a warrior, I specify well, warrior not amazon. An Amazon is at war with the Masculine, she excludes men and behaves like a man denying her femininity. A warrior has her warrior, well when she finds one!

However, if this sounds good in the imagination, being a warrior for a long period of time is destructive, self-destructive, because it implies having to feed on more masculine energy and the longer one stays in this stage, the more one settles into this energy eventually creating a lasting and damaging energetic imbalance at the emotional as well as the physical, and even the psychic level.

For those who are unaware of this, I would like to point out that each human being is born with these two inner energetic polarities, which have nothing to do with the physical gender, and that these two energies must be in balance.

Today, I have chosen to reconnect with all my powers, so that my femininity and being a woman in all its splendor live on, by developing my inner powers, those that start from ❤ the depths of my being, my divine nature, my essence as a woman.

I especially thank the men who have accompanied and supported me during all these years, with a special mention for the one whose first name means the Warrior. This warrior who allowed me to come back in balance; in the shadow of his protective sacred masculinity, I was able to allow myself to be a woman, to be Me!

Know dear readers, that the majority of relationship problems today, comes from energetic imbalances of these two polarities within us: women too masculine in their energy and men too feminine in their energy.

Attention, I am not talking about the caricature of the “makou…r” as we call it locally but about the female man in his acts and attitudes: the man who runs away, who does not know what he wants, who does not build anything, who does not commit himself, a controller… or of the “mal fanm”, a poto mitan woman, a hard woman, rough, without feelings, without softness…

Thus, by stopping the inner fight, the outer fight will be extinguished by itself.

Also to be fully me Talasi – Amerindian name which means May Flower – I need to slow down, to be more in Nature, more in the real, in contemplation and creation. Also, I can no longer manage everything at the rate I do.I will therefore communicate mainly through this channel, my Blog that you can find on my website: jardindanichi. If you want to keep up to date with workshops, events, treatments and other trainings, save it in your favorites. I am currently working on several programs including: Become a Vibrant Woman, being in the notion of balance the version for men will follow, so you will have Become a Vibrant Man.

Because everything is energy…

With all my love,

May your steps be guided by Love and Light.

Mylène Woman Medicine