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Why has the content of my publications changed dramatically?

Why has the content of my publications changed dramatically?

Part 1

Hello, we bel bo to all those who have been following me for a few months or years already.

Since a few months you have seen the content of my publications changed, no more good food, plants, cooking, no not at all …

Just that I continue my journey.

I have always been a spiritual woman, a woman apart from others. I didn’t put this side of me forward because I was afraid of being rejected even more than I already was by those around me and especially by the men in my life, who found this woman both fascinating, bewitching but dangerous.

Dangerous, this independent, proud, unsubmissive woman, a woman overflowing so much love that one recoils in front of her fire, a different woman, a free woman… but above all, a woman-medicine, a woman whose mouth is also an oracle, a woman who sees the depths of the soul… in short, a woman out of the ordinary who disturbs, unconventional

So I had a long work to do on myself to free myself from the look of others and be fully myself. This work started in the private sphere and extended to the public sphere. Indeed, even if I didn’t talk about it, many of my guests shared their feelings with me and saw this light that I had tried so hard to hide.

Is it possible to hide a sun at its zenith?

I just didn’t know, I had forgotten who I was and why I was back on this earth.

Today I have reintegrated enough information to understand and BE.

I am guided and I accept what I am, a woman doctor.

Mwen sé on Fanm lanmou, Soley, Gérizon

Love and Peace

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